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Bulk SMS acts as a platform where you can send millions of messages at the same time to thousands of people with just one click. Bulk SMS service acts as one of the most cost-effective technologies which is used by a large number of companies and organizations to promote their business and gain a huge amount of profits. It acts as a great marketing tool that can be used to grow your business in the market.

There are two types of bulk SMS – Promotional Bulk SMS and Transactional Bulk SMS.

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As we know that The open rate of messages is around 90 percent and more than 40 percent of the businesses use Bulk SMS service to convert their sales thus it is a boon for modern technology. Another important aspect of Bulk SMS is that it does not require any internet connection. Thus It can be seen by your customer at any time and in this way Bulk SMS service acts as a solution that ensures the delivery of messages anywhere in the world. Another feature is a Bulk SMS gateway which acts as an interface between mobile network operators and service providers. It acts as a channel via which first the SMS traffic gets distributed to different mobile networks through SMSC( Short Message Service Center) and then on the recipient’s mobile number


1. From a large scale business to small scale enterprise community groups to educational institutes Bulk SMS service provides a cost-effective solution for managing communication with small as well as large groups. Thus there are a large number of Bulk SMS companies that use this tool to gain profits by using it in different domains of business like sales marketing etc.

2. Another important feature of Bulk SMS is that there is no time lag between the times the message is sent from the sender’s side to the time message is delivered on the recipient’s end. Thus it is a very fast way of communication, and it can be sent from any part of the world in different languages.

3. They have low cost and high ROI (Return on Investment). Bulk SMS is very affordable as compared to other marketing and advertisement tools like newspapers, banners, Television, etc. SMS is an extremely powerful and effective way of communicating with your customers. Bulk SMS gateway is another exclusive feature of using Bulk SMS service which makes your global message delivery faster and more reliable.

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Web Panel SMS , SMS Marketing Tool SMS Marketing Solution

Web Panel

By far the easiest way to reach your audience, the Web Panel is the most preferred SMS marketing method.

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API Integration

Send SMS, with an API that is trusted by the world’s most innovative and fast-growing companies developers.

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SMPP Service Provider Global Messaging Solution

SMPP Connectivity

With an open throughput SMPP connectivity is the best way to send SMSs' for aggregators worldwide on local & international routes.

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Business Name As Sender ID Business Sender ID

Sender ID

Sending SMS with your Business name not only helps in Branding but also increases SMS Open Ratio by almost 18%

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Excel Plugin Send SMS Using Excel Plugin

Excel Plugin

Sending a few hundred or few million SMS marketing messages, we ensure the ease of sending messages using Excel Plugin.

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engage tool Engage Tool For SMS Tracking, URL Shortener

Engage Tool

Comprehensive analytics to analyze your campaign performance in terms of customer insights and demographics.

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